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Find Emotional Freedom from Relationship Issues. Skype Video Counselling and Relationship Help

Happy Couple Putting the spark back into a dysfunctional relationship can be a difficult task, especially when both sides have dug deep trenches and are defending a position that allows for no compromise, or discussion.

Traditionally, relationship counselling is about two people (plus the therapist/counsellor) having discussions, establishing insights and understandings, and then reaching some kind of compromised position. Anyone who has been for traditional counselling will know this to be true. What's the matter with that?

Unfortunately, if you compromise all the time and don't get to the bottom of what the issues were, where they came from, why they happened, and why the resentments built up to cause this problem, THEY REMAIN ISSUES, don't they? That's right isn't it? They are still there, under the surface, being smothered in compromises and never resolved.

Now, some people like compromises. Compromises become a set way to behave, and so-say keep the changes under control. Any deviation from that is a breach of contract and therefore entitles you to say something ugly, to speak harshly, engage in emotional blackmail, and otherwise arm twist the partner to bring them back into line.

Does that sound like a good relationship to you? The counselling has done what it set out to do, to bring you closer together, at least on the surface. But has it dealt with the real issues? Not really! The real issues are still there, now collapsed internally, buried even deeper than before, creating a seething, steaming caldera that has the potential to explode in one almighty bang! Happy Couple

When the relationship eventually dies, the counsellor can say, well, you know, the counselling worked, but they didn't follow through. A case of, the operation was a great success, but the patient died.

What we do with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is make headway with the issues, by each of the partners taking responsibility for their side of it. By taking out the blame, shame, guilt and bullying, and dealing with those issues, the compromises are much less. It becomes easier and faster to find a strategy that works for both partners, because the issues, beliefs, behaviours and compromises are not triggers for fighting.

Good relationships are about learning how to keep the love alive, enjoying the experience of connection, and sustaining the relationship model over time. Understanding the mystery of relationships is an interesting experiment, and one which you will love to discover. Once the romantic part of a relationship is over, it is surprising how a relationship can begin to stagnate and even decline. We can become stuck in a cycle of negative patterns, that drive the relationship toward breakup.

We will be using tapping to resolve emotional issues and help to maintain a heart connection, to change limiting belief structures, and make new choices. It's not enough just to neutralize those negative patterns, it's important to go on and create a relationship in which the love and connection continues to grow and develop. Want to know more? Please use the email below.

  The Haven Healing Centre is located at: The Orchard, Draycott Rd, Cheddar, Somerset, BS27 3RU. Tel: 01934 740275

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