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Find Emotional Freedom from Pornography Addiction. Skype Video for Pornography Addiction

Looking for Sex on the Computer Let's not beat around the bush (so to speak), pornography kills many times more relationships than it saves. However hard we fight for a free internet, freedom of speech, and the right to choose, pornography is one of those things you are really better off kicking into touch. Long term pornography use steals your freedom, it takes away your pride, creates performance focus and anxiety, reduces sexual desire, brings on sexual dysfunction and creates inhibited sexual desire. What starts out as titilating and a cheap thrill, eventually eats away at your very soul. Like a cancer that gets you, unseen, from the inside out. Don't believe me? Don't want to believe me?

If you haven't been caught already and otherwise found your way here by force, or threat of seperation, or divorce, go and get your partner, sit him/her down next to you and start by saying, 'I want to show you what I've been viewing on the computer, and I'd like you to join in', see what response you get. No? Can't do it? Then neither should you!!
Breaking the Chains of Pornography Addiction Break the chains that bind you to internet porn
I've actually lost count now of the number of people I have seen in the last 10 years who have fallen foul of internet pornography addiction. Comments like, 'I wish I'd never started', 'Why did I think I could get away with it?', 'I feel so small, and I hate myself', 'What have I done to my wife's trust?', 'I've never felt as low as I do right now!', 'Porn has ruined my life!', 'I'm sure porn has affected my ability to have an erection', 'Phil, please help me out of this hell'.

Do you have any comments like that floating around in your mind? Do you constantly worry that your partner will find out what you've been doing? Is your computer full of viruses and slower than a wet weekend? Do you know it is just a matter of time before your web history is discovered? Do you know what will happen when your children find out? Are you constantly playing cover up? Do you know the latest average cost of a divorce? Does this sound like fun to you?

Up to now, guys and gals have travelled here from all over the UK, including as far away as Glasgow, which is a distance of some 385 miles from Cheddar in Somerset. Couple in a Loving Relationship This will give you an idea of just how desperate a porn addiction will become, if you don't get a handle on it early on. Someone else was spending over 300 a month on mobile phone porn film downloads, chat lines and porn site access. Even more have suffered the humiliation of having their credit card scammed and had to explain how that happened, both to the CC company and to their partners.

This may seem a little extreme, but then again, you may be reading this and experiencing the exact same pain that these people were going through. If you are, then we need to talk. Let me help you turn your relationshit back into a relationship. The best part is you no longer have to leave home. We can do this on Skype. All you have to do is email me by using the link below.

Please don't feel embarrassed or ashamed about this. We are all hard-wired to enjoy sexual activity from an early age. Discrepancies in a couples sexual desire are often sited as the cause of beginning to take an interest in porn. It's easier to blame your spouse when things go wrong, than to take responsibility for changing your own attitudes and behaviour. It becomes more and more difficult to steer the relationship through positive influence, and so the cycle of porn becomes more and more important, until chemical changes in the brain make porn addiction a chemical addiction that becomes as difficult to break as just about any other type of addiction you can think of, even more so.

I have a mantra, and that is; Pain is the greatest motivator. Most of us leave seeking help until the pain becomes excruciating and we are hurting inside, either physically, emotionally or mentally, or all three. And yet the best and easiest way to recover from any problem is taking control and making the decision to do something about it before it becomes too painful. If you feel like you're on a slippery slope into the cess pit of porn use, or your relationship is heading down the toilet because of it, them please take control and email me now.

  The Haven Healing Centre is located at: The Orchard, Draycott Rd, Cheddar, Somerset, BS27 3RU. Tel: 01934 740275

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