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Find Emotional Freedom from Overwhelm & Overload. Skype Video Therapy for Overwhelm & Overload

Feeling Overwhelmed All of us feel overwhelmed at some point. The maths is easy:
If you overload a car, it breaks down.
If you overload a truck, it's hard to drive.
If you overload a computer processor, it will freeze.
If you overload an electrical circuit, it may catch fire.
If you overload a boat, it could sink.
If you overload a plane, it won't get off the runway.
If you push someone too far, they bite back.

What's the point here?
Many of us routinely overload our bodies with too much stress, too much work, too much food, drink, play, responsibility, pressure, and wonder why we become sick.

It's impossible to carry on a normal day, make plans, feel happy, and just plain old get things done, when you are suffering from overwhelm. Overwhelm leaves little space in our lives to just have a normal day or fulfill our desires. Yet in todays society, overwhelm is considered normal. It comes with enormous physical and emotional consequences that sees GP practices, hospitals and consulting rooms packed with patients looking for reasons and solutions.

It's time to address and overcome overwhelm.
Overwhelm is a physical and emotional state were you can't get anything done because you have too many things to do and not enought time to do them. You become indecisive and unable to think clearly or move. You feel as if you are being pulled in so many different directions all at once. You can feel heavy and stressed, your muscles feel tired and your head takes on a kind of foggy feeling. You can't make decisions and you don't function well.

Feeling Overwhelmed In today's society, many people feel that feeling overwhelmed is a kind of badge of honour, something that makes them seem more important than they really are. Others refuse to acknowledge it as a problem at all, because if they are not 'overwhelmed' they won't be as productive or efficient. But the truth is, being overwhelmed makes you LESS productive! You've gotten so used to that hyperarousal, the chemical hit that allows you to get the job done, that you look for it in every activity, because over time it becomes like a drug that you look for, something you need in order to get the job done.

The work environment is very guilty in this regard. You may feel under pressure to work harder, because if you don't produce the goods, or work harder, or not taking on more and more, you're not valuable to your firm, and so you can feel under threat whenever the reviews come around. You just don't know how to say NO! So overwhelm in the workplace is rampant, and if that doesn't force you to spend more and more time in the office, you end up taking it home to the family.

Once we do the session, and bring those levels of overwhelm down, you find you can start to think straight again. The answer just pops right into your head. Your resources increase, and your situation improves. So by dealing with the overwhelm, you regain normal function, but it is also important to deal with the problem, so you are bothered by it less and less in the future.

Being overwhelmed is overwhelming! Break the cycle of overwhelm. Get back to making clear decisions, making things happen, getting things done, just handling anything that comes your way and facing your challenges. Learn how to say NO, stop feeling guilty about saying no, and lose the fear of saying no. Feel the original YOU coming back and making the decisions that are important to you. Recover from the Feelings of Overwhelm

When you are clear, you have all the power! When your overwhelm is gone, you will have more clarity than ever before. Many of you will become worn down by overwhelm but you'll also find that when you learn not to have overwhelm, you have an abundance of energy, clarity of thought, more time than ever before, you make the right decisions, and you reap all the positive benefits of clearing the overwhelm.

If you want to deal with your overwhelm, or the self sabotage that creates blocks so you can't let it go, or the fear of letting go of your overwhelm, use the email address below. Yes, it's true, some people have learned to use overwhelm to keep the brake on, to stall change, because they can't cope with the uncertainty of change. Overwhelm just becomes a successful container to keep you from reaching out, and achieving things, because of the fear of the changes this would bring.

Gain clarity of what is really bothering you. Feel good about yourself, feel inspired to make positive change. Use the email below and let's get the ball rolling.

  The Haven Healing Centre is located at: The Orchard, Draycott Rd, Cheddar, Somerset, BS27 3RU. Tel: 01934 740275

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