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Find Emotional Freedom from Feeling Stuck. Skype Video Online Counselling for Feelings of Stuckness

Feeling Stuck and Going Round and Round in Circles Do you sometimes feel that you are stuck?
Sooner or later, everybody gets stuck
Feeling stuck means being unable to move on in life
Feeling stuck means not living the type of life you want for yourself
Overcoming challenges can take a lot of time and effort
Feeling stuck can be exhausting, tiresome and hard to let go
Are you stuck because of a lack of energy?
Are you stuck because of a lack of direction?
Do your beliefs hold you back from making a decision?
When you stay in the past you become stuck and unable to move forward
Being stuck is no fun, but it's more common than you think
Often feeling stuck is a product of not being able to forgive
Forgiving yourselves will release huge emotional burdens
Feeling "stuck in the past" and unable to move forward?
Want to make changes in your life but not know where to start?

In order to move forward in life, you need a firm foundation from which to launch yourself, otherwise you just feel like you are going round and round in circles. We all, at some time, find ourselves in this situation. But there a few people who seem to make it their life quest. I guess, in a way, we are talking about self sabotage here, but often it's a lot more than that. Identifying an underlying cause is difficult as it can sometimes seem impossibly elusive. At other times, you will know exactly where this stuck feeling comes from.

Feeling Stuck and Frustrated It doesn't have to be a massive issue that keeps you stuck. You may feel that, actually, your life is going exactly where you want it too, except for maybe one or two areas that could do with a little tweaking, because it is them that is keeping you stuck. Often these things can be cleared in just one or two sessions, three tops. It's just correct targetting that becomes the challenge.

Sometimes we can become so stuck that we can't even make sense of the problem. And for that we have 'The Miracle Question'! I won't bore you with it now, but in Solution Focused Therapy this can become a cornerstone of change that catapults you to finding the solution, almost like a miracle has happened.

Of course, sometimes the stuckedness is due to pain. Pain can be among the most trying of all issues; the constant, relentless pain suffered by people with illnesses and diseases for which large doses of medication are called for, often in ever increasing amounts. Pain saps your energy, leaving you with precious little to achieve your goals and ambitions, and even less to deal with your problems. Is that why you're feeling stuck? By learning to tap the edge off your pain (see pain article), you can free up more of your mental and physical resources, which in turn, may allow you to address the causes of feeling stuck.

Unresolved issues grow with time. That's just a law of nature. Happily many of them reach a critical mass and resolve themselves, but the worst of them don't. Of course, they're only the worst because they don't spontaneously resolve, but that's what you're here for, right? You reach a point where you could scream, 'Enough is enough!', 'I've had it!', 'No more!', and you decide to do something about it. Well, that's the easy part. The hard part is deciding how you are going to get yourself unstuck.

Hopefully, you will have read enough on this site by now to realize that it could be as simple as organizing a Skype session or two, and if that idea resonates with you, then I would invite you to use the email below or submit the application page and I will write back to you.

Most of us aren't really equipped to solve ALL our own problems, and that is why addictions are so prevalent in our society. Either that or we find other ways to tranquilize our anxiety, like smoking, drinking, eating, or we get angry, frustrated and loud. These only mask the problem and indeed, bring problems of their own. Rarely do they supply the solution. It is at these times when talking to a solution focused friend/counsellor can be your best course of action. Sharing the problem and creating the solution right there and then.

Forgive yourself, find the solution, get back on track with your life; and use the email below.

  The Haven Healing Centre is located at: The Orchard, Draycott Rd, Cheddar, Somerset, BS27 3RU. Tel: 01934 740275

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