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Find Emotional Freedom from Fear. Skype Video Online Counselling and Therapy for Fear of Something

How does fear show up in YOUR life?

Feel the Fear. Riding the Rapids Fear of failure (or, fear of success)
Fear of facing the truth
Fear of starting something new
Fear of abandonment
Fear of bad health
Fear of criticism
Fear of loss
Fear of losing face, or being found out
Fear of isolation, loneliness
Fear of death
Fear of opening your heart to love
Fear of rejection
Fear of being healthy? (got you with that one didn't I?)
Fear of spiders, injections, heights, flying, public speaking

Fear is your friend!! But when you focus on fear it is not your friend. Fear is painful, emotional, you feel there is something wrong, flawed, something not good flowing through your life, something broken. You may even feel as if there is, 'no one out there to save me'.

But fear is another manifestation of LOVE. Yes, love. It's been said by all the great spiritual masters, almost forever, that there are only two emotions, love and fear, and of the two, there is only love.

We have something in our lives called fear, and we have love, and worry, and stress, and procrastination, and anxiety, and judgement, and responsibility, and..... All these things are a function of fear. If you worry, you are fearful, if you are stressed, you are fearful, if you have to take responsibility, this makes you fearful. Think about it for a second. If you love someone, you worry they will be ok, you may stress about whether they love you back, your partner may do something exactly the same way as someone else, but in your judgement your partner was rightous in their intent, while the other person is an asshole. If you love someone, you probably fear hurting them, you may feel jealous if they have any dealings with the opposite sex, jealousy is an incredibly fearful emotion, but it comes from love.

Fear is the cause and the powerhouse behind love. All the emotions around love are based in fear.

Love is an emotion, we all have it, we all do it, we all feel it. Love of the self, love of the family, love of the job, love of money, love of our country, love of the world. We all send out love in one form or another, because we all find out sooner or later, you have to give out love if you want to receive love.

YOU HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO LOVE FEAR, BECAUSE FEAR LOVES YOU! That is fear's responsibility; to love you. I know this sounds crazy. I thought so too. But when you think about why you have fear, you will realize it is only doing what it was designed to do; to keep you safe. That in itself is a loving, noble intention, is it not? Once you understand that, in every thought, action and intention, right at the core of your very soul, you come to realize that fear is your friend. It is there 24/7, just doing the one thing it does best, keeping you safe.

Understand fear, and master fear. Understand fear, yes. Master fear? We only feel we are in a war against our fears, because up until now, we haven't understood their true intent, they ALWAYS WIN, and we always lose. It feels like fear is the enemy. I'm going to show you in a minute that fear is not your enemy, but your ally.

So what do you do when stress and anxiety, or worry, have you by the throat? Or you're procrastinating over making a decision that you really, really must make? What are your fears trying to tell you? What is the real fear behind the perceived fear? Answer that question and you will have mastered fear.

For example, if you have a fear of starting something new, what are the drivers behind that fear? Is it fear of being rejected? Fear that it won't work? Fear that it will work? What will happen if it does work? Can you stay commited to the relationship/project? Are you afraid you will run out of steam? Will your health hold out? Is it a fear of loss if things don't pan out? These questions involve a whole different conversation, don't they? Fear of starting something new is just a symptom of a greater fear. You become involved in looking for the real fear beneath the superficial fear. When you address the real underlying fears, you have a better perspective on how you have reached this point, how different fears have brought you to this position.

Feel the Fear. Roller Coaster Ride Your awareness of the real fears brings them more into a position of analysis, makes them a better target and your intuition improves to the point where you instinctively know how to deal with them. So, the minute you find satisfactory answers to these questions, you will have addressed your fears, you will have mastered your fears.

So the fear of starting something new will have become a global fear, built up from all these specific fears that need addressing. What does fear of starting something new mean to you? Perhaps it means, maybe I'm not good enough! Just look at all the underlying fears. Don't they all ask the same question, or say the same thing? I'm not good enough!

So far you have probably been dealing with your fears at a symptomatic level. This can work, but because of the 'forest of trees' feeling to many problems, meaning there are so many individual elements to deal with, you feel as if you are just clipping the tops off the trees, instead of taking out the whole forest.

Your Skype session will be about chopping down whole trees, and finding other trees, with enough commonality to the original, so that the toppling effect takes over and you deal with your problems as a collective. If you can relate to any of this and you have unresolved fears, then please use the email address below.

  The Haven Healing Centre is located at: The Orchard, Draycott Rd, Cheddar, Somerset, BS27 3RU. Tel: 01934 740275

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