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Find Emotional Freedom from Exam Distress. Skype Video Online Counselling for Exam Stress

Man With Exam Stress Exams make me feel physically sick!
Exam stress can cause brain fade and your mind to go blank
Exam stress can make you feel irritable and anxious
Exam stress can make you lose your appetite
Exam stress causes insomnia and lack of concentration
Exam stress can cause headaches and stomach pains
Exam stress can make you depressed and negative
Exam stress can be responsible for panic attacks
Exam stress can cause sweats, nausea, rapid heart beat and tremors
How does the thought of taking exams make you feel?

We all have to take exams at some time. At school, at work, at college, at university and even to pass a driving test. Test anxiety is well documented and a known problem to students, and in its mildest form can actually enhance your performance in the test environment. However, when you become so anxious that there are physical or mental changes in you that are detrimental to your success, this is called exam stress, or exam distress.

At its worst, exam distress has caused many students to drop out of higher education entirely, sometimes right at the last minute, wasting all that time and effort, just to avoid being tested. It's not unusual for some students to attempt to blur their fear and panic, by self-medicating with alcohol or drugs (prescription or otherwise), and who has never feared, or experienced, the dreaded memory blank?

Is all stress bad?
Clearly not when you think that a little adrenaline and a little stress are the very thing that keeps you on the edge of successfully studying and performing at your best. A little stress is the motivator that causes you to overcome challenges, exams being one of them. The problem is too much stress! It's a bit like a kettle with no off switch. It soon burns itself out, and may even catch fire.

Learn how to deal with exam stress and exam distress, simply, quickly and easily
The worst thing about test anxiety and exam stress, is not just the symptoms of low self esteem, anger, depression and despair, but the fact that it feels like there is bugger all you can do about the situation, and so your failure is assured.

Woman With Exam Stress Well, if you think it's time to do something about it, then the first thing you must realize is, you are not alone. For many students, exam stress is their worst fear and nightmare. But now is the time to ease the stresses and find a solution.

Talking to family members, friends, teachers or lecturers, about your fears, may not solve them, but it will give others a chance to help you by taking some of the pressure off you for the duration of your exams. Worry causes you to focus your attention internally, which leads to confusion, depression, an increase in anxiety and loss of interest in things external. Conversely, acknowledging your fears and discussing them openly focuses your attention outwards, and this gives you the motivation to look for solutions to your problems.

It is very natural to feel stressed during exam time, but worry will only bog you down with unnecessary symptoms, physically, mentally and emotionally. Your Skype session will be focused on practical and emotional solutions to your exam distress, so that at the critical moment, your anxiety doesn't get out of control. Remember, there is life after exams!

Your Skype session will be about finding the causes and supplying the solution to your exam fears, test stress and exam distress. If you can relate to any of the above and you have tests coming up, then please use the email address below.

  The Haven Healing Centre is located at: The Orchard, Draycott Rd, Cheddar, Somerset, BS27 3RU. Tel: 01934 740275

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