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  Free Yourself Through Skype TherapyEmotional Freedom:
Free Yourself Through
Skype Video Therapy

Find Freedom from Emotional Pain. Skype Video Online Counselling and Therapy for Emotional Pain

Emotional Pain in the Eyes Are You Hurting Inside?
Is emotional pain crippling your ability to enjoy life?
What is at the root of your emotional pain:
    - depression, fear, worry, anxiety, guilt and disappointment?
Does emotional pain occupy your every thought?
Are you plagued by feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness?
Do you dwell on past experiences that were hurtful or traumatic?
Do you relive past events over and over again in your mind?
Would it help if you had someone to talk to?
Hurting inside? Don't know where to turn?

There is something wrong. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad - Morpheus, The Matrix.

Find confidential help right here on Skype. In your own home, at a time to suit you.
That's right! A Skype session is an opportunity for self expression and reflection, in a kind, healing and caring environment.

Emotional pain can become overwhelming when left to ferment, and physical pain is very often the result. I offer a natural and holistic approach to help you cope with inner and emotional pain, which helps to provide comfort and reassurance for outer physical pain.

What is emotional pain?
Emotional pain is the heartache that results from painful life experiences. It may take the form of depression, anxiety, guilt and, of course, fear. I do subscribe to the theory that all emotional pain boils down the the fear of something, which makes us a very fearful species, I guess. Sometimes, anger is a feature of emotional pain, but this is often a disguise for feeling or dealing with some other emotional aspect from which we feel at risk of experiencing.

It's only natural, when something bad happens; The loss of a loved one, a divorce, the death of a child, a traumatic accident, a diagnosis of terminal illness, that such things are replayed over and over in the mind, occupying our every waking moment constantly.

Ordinarily, as the mind starts to come to terms with the event or experiences, things begin to settle down, and a period of adjustment results in positive decisions being made, life changes being absorbed into normal routine, and thought processes start to look toward accommodation of any threats or other circumstances. That's ordinarily, remember. Sometimes, it doesn't work that way at all.

What causes emotional pain?
Many times, how we deal with a situation or experience, is taught to us by our parents or peers. We 'learn' to respond in a certain way. When that strategy is successful, our limbic mind stores that strategy as a plan of action and refers to it whenever required, as a survival mechanism. Each time this plan works, it becomes reinforced. We can't help but follow the same course of action, it's like we're hard wired to respond in a certain way.

Our life experiences may be 'flavoured' by past trauma, neglect, abuse, abandonment, illness, chemistry, genetics or death. As adults we may be faced with divorce, redundancy, death of a parent, infidelity, crime, accident or violence. How we deal, or don't deal, with these things is going to be influenced by our childhood 'writings on our wall', and we may find ourselves troubled by recurring nightmares as we struggle to let go of the past.

Guilt may cause us to hold on to painful memories, and we may find that worrying about who is to blame and feelings like 'I must be punished' will cause us to relive the experience or event over and over again in our minds, until we can think of little else. This is when we tend to go into self destruct, and our bodies become exhausted with trying to cope with the hurt, and the pain, and the guilt, and the punishment. When there is no obvious punishment, we often find ways to punish ourselves. We're not built to take this kind of self abuse, and depression is a common resulting condition of inner hurt and emotional pain.

With depression, comes lack of self esteem, hopelessness, worthlessness, powerlessness, haunting nightmares, memories and anxiety. It's not unusual for people to feel that life has lost its meaning and that life isn't fair. Certain amounts of emotional pain are common and normal. But beyond a certain threshold, the pain can become so intense, so overwhelming, that they find it difficult to find any solace at all.

What do you find are some of the more common coping strategies?
Common coping strategies are geared toward hiding, softening or eliminating the pain. Alcohol, drugs, anger or aggression, straightforward denial, promiscuity, brashness, repression, self harm, reclusiveness, gambling, internet porn, internet shopping, are all sited as common tranquilizers of emotional pain. But none of these are usually considered reliable ways of dealing with emotional pain. In fact the opposite is true. These things come with their own underlying disharmony. They usually cause more problems than they solve, if not immediately, then later on, as things like alcoholism and drug addiction take their toll, or OCD or PTSD become attached to behaviour, and issues relating to them start to influence our own mental state, and that of others around us.

Find Relief From Emotional Pain What can I do to help reduce the pain I feel inside?
The first requirement to healing is probably easier said than done. That is, letting go of the traumas of the past. The reason this is difficult is because the afflicted person becomes stuck in a cycle of worry, guilt and uncertainty, in which the same problem goes round and round in circles, reinforcing the emotional pain. Somewhere around that circle of despair, we have to find a way to take out a small segment, like taking the first slice out of a cake.

Sometimes life just gets too much! Sometimes other people let us down, trick us, upset us, steal from us, cheat on us or even bully us into submission. Sometimes we feel like the whole world is against us and that is when we feel at our lowest. What happens then? The one person you thought you could talk to, isn't interested, doesn't want to get involved, or is afraid that your negativity will rub off on them. That's when you find out who you're real friends are.

I don't just provide a listening service; If I can help in a practical way, with suggestions or ideas, then I try to help you reach useful conclusions. Don't wait until it gets worse. Don't wait for depression to set in. The sooner you start talking to someone who is listening, the sooner you are likely to see a way through the pain and the hurt. Use the email address below to contact me or make your first Skype appointment.

  The Haven Healing Centre is located at: The Orchard, Draycott Rd, Cheddar, Somerset, BS27 3RU. Tel: 01934 740275

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