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Find Emotional Freedom from Depression. Skype Video Online Counselling and Therapy for Depression

man with depression How can Skype therapy help with depression?
Talking to someone about how you feel and what your depression triggers might be, can help greatly in helping you, firstly, avoid those triggers as much as possible, and changing your emotional responses to them. Skype therapy can help bring you out of the depression by addressing the underlying reasons behind the illness.

There are millions of people in the UK suffering with depression at any one time, and for a million different reasons. If you can find out what those reasons are, and the issues behind those reasons, you can very often resolve the reaction of always doing the same thing and spiralling down into depression.

Let me show you this simple technique to help you deal with the worst of your symptoms, so that you feel strong enough to deal with issues both in and out of therapy. This can work right alongside your current medication program. Depression medication can made you feel better and enable you to function at a higher level, but most sufferers don't want to remain dependent upon drugs forever. They would prefer, at some point, to be able to reduce or come off their medication.

How does this work?
Sometimes what is labelled depression appears to be nothing more than the "down state" caused by being overburdened by a long list of unresolved emotional issues. By taking care of the burdensome list you remove the foundation from beneath the depression, and allow it to lift. This can be relatively straightforward.

But not all depression is like that. Quite often it is far, far worse, and this requires skillful work on the part of the therapist. It is usually because one is uncovering core issues that have been seething under the surface for a very long time, or have had a traumatic origin. Intuition plays a major part in guiding someone through these treatments, and issues that may have been previously covered by the depression can pop up quite quickly. This is when the causes of depression can be addressed and dealt with. girls happy and depression free

It comes as quite a surprise often when someone experiences this phenomenon. More often than not, it is a pleasant surprise, because the two issues were never really seen as one previously. Issues they didn't even know they had, or were even connected, somehow show up after a few rounds of tapping. I think this is partly intuition and partly the removal of covering issues, but whatever the reason, this is when you begin to make progress conquering depression.

It's not a one way ticket out of depression. Don't think that. I wish it was, but more often than not, you will need to be persistent. You will feel like you've cracked it, and the next day the depression will hit again. It will feel like you've failed and EFT is not working. But you tap again and again. As each new aspect raises it's ugly head, you chop it off, and spend a few minutes tapping away the anxiety and trauma that was the trigger for that day. Eventually, there are no more monsters, no more triggers. And the best part? The tapping sequence takes less than a minute to do, and a lifetime to enjoy.

Many times, someone who is depressed will tell me how vulnerable they feel, like they are walking toward a dark tunnel with no way of turning back. They feel in a position where they can't look back, turn around, take a sideways step, or even think of how to get out of this downward spiral. One even spoke of Dantes Inferno, going down through the different levels of depravity, as at each stage of the deepening depression, he could feel his chemical body and his emotions becoming thicker and heavier, as the darkness fell over him the further he fell into the depression.

If depression feels like a descent into hell, then all I can say is that EFT has got to be the ascent to heaven, and just as Beatrice guides Dante through the nine celestial spheres of Heaven, EFT will give you the lift you need to literally PULL you out of a depressive state. Want to know more (not about Dante, about EFT)? The email address is below.

  The Haven Healing Centre is located at: The Orchard, Draycott Rd, Cheddar, Somerset, BS27 3RU. Tel: 01934 740275

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