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  Free Yourself Through Skype TherapyEmotional Freedom:
Free Yourself Through
Skype Video Therapy

Make the Change: Skype Video Therapist Online, sessions available now

Talk to a Skype Therapist Online as Soon as Today Phil on the laptop giving Skype Therapy

Use the confidential contact form to ask questions and/or briefly outline the problem before beginning your Skype therapy session.

Let Skype therapy help you turn the tide. When you don't know where else to go, and you can't face another visit to someone's office, Skype therapy can often be the ideal solution.

Gain complete freedom from almost any emotional issue! And, gain complete freedom from almost any physical issue that has an emotional cause!

Want to know how? First you have to give yourself permission to seek help. This is really important! Giving yourself permission to 'fix' the problem is vital to your success. Pain, both physical and/or emotional can be a huge factor in helping to make that decision. Without pain there's no real incentive to change.

Second, there must be something inside like the 'desire' to achieve your outcome. You do this by answering questions like, what are the benefits (or disadvantages) of achieving this goal or that outcome? What are the benefits (or disadvantages) of staying where I am? Visualization is a good tool here, to help you see yourself as better, bigger, faster, higher, stronger, more confident, greater self-esteem, less anxious, less depressed, with better health, making better choices, a better decision maker, better sex, better relationships, better job, better, bigger, more.....

Desire to want something better, usually brings out the other club which you may use to beat yourself up, called self sabotage. So the third thing you need is the belief that this will work for you. This is really cool!! It's new, it's exciting, and it's going to work for me!

Fourthly, with more creative beliefs, you can have the expectation that, of course it's going to work for me. That's when you discover:

Complete freedom from almost any emotional issue.
And, complete freedom from almost any physical issue that has an emotional cause.

If this rings true for you, and you wish to give online Skype therapy a try, please contact me or any of the other Skype therapists who's website speaks to you, and who's use of language resonate with how you feel. I chose the Swallowtail butterfly image above, because nobodies life timeline is like a taught piece of string, unchanging along a linear path. We all have huge changes we have to cope with during our own life cycle. And, with the right help and understanding, we can emerge from the turmoil of the past into a brighter, more fulfilling future.

The kind of therapy that I offer is called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), which is an incredibly effective treatment for depression, anxiety, panic attacks, fear, phobia, procrastination, and a huge variety of other emotional issues. EFT is a form of therapy that uses a gentle finger tapping technique to stimulate traditional Chinese acupuncture points, which is why we call EFT acupuncture without needles. It's easy to learn and simple to do.

The tapping points on the face and body are combined with speaking about the identified problem and accepting it. The way EFT works is to take away the emotional charge of an emotional issue that may also have physical repercussions in the body. This gives you a chance to find your way through the emotional turmoil that you're going through and helps to reduce any physical symptoms that have been manifested because of it.

Are you in distress, or at crisis point? Thinking about suicide? Get immediate help and information by contacting one of these suicide crisis lines.
In the UK: Samaritans or Childline. USA and Canada: The Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Australia/New Zealand: Lifeline. Worldwide: Befrienders.

  The Haven Healing Centre is located at: The Orchard, Draycott Rd, Cheddar, Somerset, BS27 3RU. Tel: 01934 740275

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